Hi! My name is Pamala Wiepking, and my mission is to make philanthropy more meaningful for all actors involved.

I aim to do so through my work on philanthropy at the Erasmus University Rotterdam. Since 2012, I have also been a board member of Nederland Filantropieland (former Dutch Fundraising Institute, IF). Through this role I aim to translate academic research on philanthropy to help philanthropy professionals do their important jobs even better. I feel honored to have received the 2016 Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) Emerging Scholar Award for outstanding scholarship related to philanthropy and fundraising.

In my academic work, I study philanthropy and nonprofit organizations from a cross-national and interdisciplinary perspective. Together with other researchers I have published on philanthropic behavior in –among others- Social Forces, the European Sociological Review, Voluntas and the Nonprofit & Voluntary Sector Quarterly and with Femida Handy I have co-edited The Palgrave Handbook on Global Philanthropy, describing and explaining philanthropic giving in 26 countries. The Palgrave Handbook of Global Philanthropy was awarded the 2016 Virginia Hodgkinson Research Book Award, for the best book on the nonprofit sector that informs policy and practice.